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    Finding a zen life on Miami Beach

    david siddons Group - Oct 4th 2016

    What is the most peaceful condo environment on Miami Beach?

    Many people buy a beachfront condo as a second or third home because they want a peaceful getaway. Being able to move around your own space is peaceful and relaxing. You want a familiar surrounding, but different enough and beautiful enough that you can disconnect.

    Desert islands are peaceful, but not in a good way. If you live in London or New York you are used to a high energy lifestyle and after a few days or relaxation, anything too remote or quiet will leave you bored out of your mind and that’s no fun either.

    The key is having access to activity and stimulation without having to make too much effort to do it. Miami and particularly Miami Beach can be high energy and too frenetic so we decided to rank and focus on:

    “What condo in Miami offers you true relaxation? A home from home with better weather and uncompressed service, comfort and views.”

    We are not talking hotels here, these do not count. A deserted island is no longer deserted with 1,000 hotel guests running around!

    Just North of Miami Beach we find North Beach. An area that is seen as more elegant and relaxing than the more southern parts of the Beach. More and more wealthy families have been migrating to North Beach because of its relax and charming beach life away from all the heavy activity in South Beach.

    Eighty Seven Park together with the Four Seasons Residences (includes a hotel) and the Ritz Carlton residences have recently been added to the North Beach zip code.

    Eighty Seven Park is a true residential tower with only 70 units and a private, waterfront park located next to the condo which is great for exercise, yoga and all the unwinding one wants before heading to relax on the beach on one of the condo’s private cabanas.

    With only 70 residences over 18 floors this condo guarantees privacy. Residences vary from 1,000 Sq.Ft to 4,140 Sq.Ft of interior space, which allows you to really have a home from home and not merely a small hotel room. Buyers choose this condo for its superior architecture by Renzo Piano, the abundance of green space, its exclusivity, its privacy, the oversized balconies and the sophisticated services, amenities and programming such as sommeliers curating wine selections and a curated library by Taschen.

    Eighty Seven Park offers a home away from home near the ocean and with plenty of green on the premises. One can unwind from daily stress on the beach, in the park, in the spa, one of the pools, the private bars or in the fully equipped fitness center. Concierge & Butler Services ensure you have that first class service you are used to from international luxury hotels.

    Those who want entertainment and a high-energy ambiance can get a car, drive between 5 and 10 minutes and be in the middle of Miami Beach or South Beach for some fine-dining or to dance the night away.

    David Siddons is a top performing agent at EWM.  Ranked for production within the top 1/2 of 1% of agents nationwide. He is also an industry analyst and creator/author of several real estate guides – The most recent being the end of year 2016 Miami Real Estate Report. He has previously reported Miami Real Estate news for CNN, The BBC, Miami Today and The Real Deal to name a few.

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