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    We Voted Miami Beaches Best New Condo for Snowbirds

    david siddons Group - Oct 4th 2016

    Looking for a Second Home on the Beach? These are the Best Miami Beach Luxury Condos

    If you live in an urban Core, think New York, DC or London, you are probably sitting in your office right now, or at home. It is probably raining and if you’ve thought of buying a second home, Miami has probably come up on your list.

    I appreciate that condo choice is totally subjective and so is the term ‘best‘. Best at what exactly? In this case by best I mean: ‘The best at getting you to relax, unwind, find peace, yet still be stimulated so you don’t get bored‘. Getting you the closest thing to a ‘home away from home experience‘.

    One of the reasons many of my clients buy luxury condos as opposed to staying in a hotel is that staying in a hotel no matter how nice, is never as comfortable as staying at home. From the interior decor to the fact that you will have to wade your way through hundreds of hotel guests. Because having a ‘vacation home’ means giving yourself a change of scenery, to break from your current reality and allow your body as well as your mind to unwind and relax. With that said most clients want to relax but they also do not want to get bored, and they need and want this to enjoy their ‘time off’ with fun activities.

    We looked at a number of Luxury Beach Condos on Miami Beach and filtered them with specific criteria. They all had to be ‘Ocean Front’ and they all had to offer a level of service that was comparable or superior to any of the best hotels in Miami. Views are also highly considered – and not just direct water facing views but views to the North and South. Within the buildings we looked at floorplans and also without question, price. We were looking for the closest ‘home from home’ experience. So that we could emulate the concept that ‘If I could literally pick up my current home and drop it anywhere, this is where I would drop it’.

    We chose 3 of the ‘Newest Condos’ to compare

    Eighty Seven Park by Renzo Piano
    ♦ The Surf Club Four Seasons Residences
    ♦ Oceana Bal Harbour


    We have ranked them according to price, views, facilities, services and finishes.


    Spoiler Alert

    Our Top Pick is 87 Park and here is why:

    Biggest ratio of balconies to interior sqft’age. Lowest density relative to units and price per sqft. Also, one of the biggest pulls for us ranking this No1 was the level of service in such a boutique building, and the views that went above and beyond just a clear East view. 

    For full details of this project, please click here.

    David Siddons is a top performing agent at EWM.  Ranked for production within the top 1/2 of 1% of agents nationwide. He is also an industry analyst and creator/author of several real estate guides – The most recent being the end of year 2016 Miami Real Estate Report. He has previously reported Miami Real Estate news for CNN, The BBC, Miami Today and The Real Deal to name a few.

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