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    The Construction Progress at Park Grove

    david siddons Group - Oct 19th 2016

     A Look at the Park Grove Pre-Construction From The Rooftop The Park Grove condo project in Coconut Grove is being constructed as we speak. We provide you with this unique video, taken in the middle…

    Best Neighborhood for Boaters and Boat lovers in Miami‏

    david siddons Group - Oct 18th 2016

    The Best Miami Neighborhood for Boaters and Boat Lovers Coconut Grove is one of the most popular neighborhoods for boaters and boat lovers in Miami. The Marina can hold boats up to 75 ft and gives anyone…

    The 10 Biggest Lies in Miami Real Estate

    david siddons Group - Oct 13th 2016

    These are the 10 biggest lies told in Miami Real Estate I have been selling Miami real estate for nearly 10 years and I still cannot believe it. I have always tried to tell it like it…

    The Miami Condo Market: The Devil is in the Detail

    david siddons Group - Oct 12th 2016

    The Miami Condo Market - Looking for Hidden Elements in the Details I've been selling Miami real estate for nearly a decade and have been through two cycles of Miami condo construction. I feel like…

    The 10 Best New Condos in Miami

    david siddons Group - Oct 9th 2016

    What are the 10 best new condos in Miami? When buyers come into Miami looking for a new condo they are often overwhelmed with the choices. It becomes hard to discern one project from another…

    We Voted Miami Beaches Best New Condo for Snowbirds

    david siddons Group - Oct 4th 2016

    Looking for a Second Home on the Beach? These are the Best Miami Beach Luxury Condos If you live in an urban Core, think New York, DC or London, you are probably sitting in your office right now,…

    10 Reasons why the Wealthiest Families are Buying in Coconut Grove.

    david siddons Group - Oct 4th 2016

    The Attraction of the World's Wealthiest Families to Coconut Grove Coconut Grove is known for its high-end lifestyle. Its bohemian chic atmosphere was even covered by the Wall Street Journal in an article describing the…

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