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    Get Excited About Moving to Weston

    david siddons Group - Dec 2nd 2016

    Weston – Why this City is a preferred choice among many families

    Weston is located at about 35 miles from Miami. This picture perfect community offers a great community life, clubs, parks, entertainment and A-Rated schools. Despite most investors focussing purely on Miami, Weston has become a favorite among local families. Many families or even young professionals are looking into Weston as the range of real estate options is broad and prices are only a fraction of those you will pay in likewise neighborhoods in or around Miami such as the Gables or Coconut Grove. You will find a large variety of homes in prices ranging from $320,000 in a popular community such as Savanna to $5 million dollar homes in Windmill Ranches and even new construction such as Botaniko Weston starting at 1.8 Millon.

    In this blog we will explain you a little bit more about the community of Weston

    Take the helicopter ride above Weston!

    Weston is Family Friendly

    One of the best Miami suburbs for families is Weston. The most western city in Broward County, Weston is home to 65,300 residents and shares its western border with the Florida Everglades.  Weston has been ranked in CNNMoney’s “Best Places to Live in America” and Family Circle’s “Ten Best Places for Families”.  This is a also a safe choice to make a home – ranked no 5 in the most safest list in the whole of florida, with a violent crime rating of 91.9 and the chance of being involved in a property crime less than 1%.

    Weston has a great “small town” vibe. Most of the communities are very tight knit and you get to know your neighbors. Weston is a very family-minded city and residents take pride in the synergy between families and the community and almost everything seems to revolve around the families – BBQ’s in the back yard, family picnics etc. There is a number of golf course and sports clubs such as ‘Midtown Athletic Club’. Weston is also home to a good amount of cozy restaurants.

    There are plenty of soccer clubs, parks, social gatherings and I noticed it is very easy to park. I went there during what I figured would be rush hour traffic, but there was no traffic to speak of. Come evening time there is no crazy ‘South Beach’ vibe going on.

    It’s not overpopulated like a lot of areas in South Florida but it’s still close to shopping centers, restaurants, night life, malls, and major highways. You can easily get on the highway and head to Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, or Miami beach all within a 20-30 minute drive.

    Why CNN voted Weston as the 8th best place to live in 2016


    Green Space: Weston residents enjoy the kind of open space you won’t find in many places in the country. About 25 miles to the east is the Atlantic Ocean and on its western flank is the Everglades, a resource that’s so iconic, there’s a likeness of it right on Weston’s town crest. Furhtermore, Weston is home to a dozen sports fields, nearly 50 miles of lined bike lanes, and the 100-acre Weston Regional Park.

    Location: Located within easy commuting distance of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, this planned community also offers abundant employment options, at companies including Cleveland Clinic Florida and Ultimate Software.

    Economic Opportunity: Weston is at the top of our list for economic opportunity, a category driven largely by purchasing power. That means residents have to sink less of their household income (the median is $99,690 a year) to buy a home than residents in most places around the country.

    Family-friendly: All the public schools have earned an A average from Florida’s Department of Education. “Weston,” says Pam Fishman, a stay-at-home mom and New York City transplant, “offers a truly wonderful quality of life.”


    Schools in Weston

    Weston offers a great choice of schools which are located in and outside of the city. There are public schools, charters schools, private schools and religious schools. Naturally the biggest element when choosing a city best suited for the raising of children is the school system. Top schools include: American Heritage and Cyprus Bay, which has increased its student population by over 1,000 new students in the last couple of years.

    As can we seen by clicking on the link on the right hand side, Weston as a city scores 9 out of 10 for their schools, based on the test results of Weston Schools. All of Weston’s public schools can be seen in this report as well as their ratings.

    Some excellent Private schools are:

    American Heritage
    Cyprus Bay 

    According to new rankings released by U.S. News & World Report, Cypress Bay High School in Weston, ranks No. 19 in the state and No. 253 in the nation.


    Parks and Entertainment in Weston

    The City of Weston currently maintains 14 park and recreational facilities. The Parks Chart (In the attached Visitors Guide) highlights the amenities provided at each location, the address, hours of operation and size. Visit

    Weston Community Center Located within Weston Regional Park offers a wide range of programming and special events for residents and visitors alike. Events range from Spanish classes to various workshops and from sports and cultural activities to SAT preparations .

    Weston YMCA Family Center also located within Weston Regional Park at 20201 Saddle Club Road, the YMCA is a 42,500 square foot family center that includes fitness classes, adult and youth sports and an outdoor aquatic facility. Visit

    Weston Tennis Center Located at 16451 Racquet Club Road, this center offers 15 lighted hydroclay courts and one lighted hardcourt. The Center offers tennis lessons, social events, school-break camps, clinics and tournaments. A full-service pro shop is also available onsite. Visit

    Real Estate in Weston

    Weston is visually distinctive, Weston’s extensive landscaping is without dispute one of the City’s greatest assets: rows of prestigious Royal Palms and city entry signs surrounded by lush foliage which also lines the berms, medians and rights-of-ways throughout the city.

    As the city itself is well-maintained which encourages residents to take care of their properties as well. The majority of Weston’s homes are well kept with superb landscaping

    Initially conceived as a master-planned community, Weston was incorporated in 1996. Well managed growth has given rise to one of South Florida’s most desirable communities, both residential and corporate. As the city is relatively new, so are most of Weston’s homes which means you don’t have to worry too much about having to deal with a lot of the problems that are associated with older buildings.

    One of our favorite projects in Weston at this moment is Botaniko. Botaniko in Weston is a 120-acre gated community. The elegant and private enclave offers 125 modern and luxurious single family homes. Botaniko Weston has been created and designed for the whole family to enjoy together. Being surrounded by open green spaces makes it a wonderful place to live, play, and entertain, with a quality of life and natural beauty that are unsurpassed in the surrounding area.

    Read more about Botaniko Weston

    David Siddons is a Miami top producing realtor known for his market analysis and market reports.The most recent being the end of year 2016 Miami Real Estate Report. He has previously reported Miami Real Estate news for CNN, The BBC, Miami Today and The Real Deal to name a few.

    Contact me for more information on the City of Weston, Weston Real Estate or Botaniko Weston

    David Siddons | +1.305.508.0899 | [email protected]

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