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Selected Listings

    Existing listings

    Eighty Seven Park by Renzo Piano

    featured project
    • Architecture by Renzo Piano Building Workshop
    • Developers: Terra and Bizzi & Partners Development
    • Interiors by Rena Dumas Architecture Interieure
    • Landscapes by West 8

    An idea floated; a thought made real. A place bound by land and sea, but rising free of both.

    Located on the edge of parkland and Atlantic Ocean, Eighty Seven Park creates a fresh dialogue with the vibrant community of Miami Beach. Seventy elegant homes that speak of light and air, designed by an architect with a poetic touch.

    It’s an elemental approach, bringing together architecture, design and the natural landscape. It’s a collaborative approach too; developers Terra and Bizzi & Partners Development and their creative team sharing a passion for the city and a belief in the transformative power of good design. For Renzo Piano, Pritzker Prize-winning architect who lives and breathes his art, there’s a serenity to be found in the tension between sky and earth. A serenity that Eighty Seven Park captures so eloquently.


    Private Garden

    Park and City, water and flora come together in an urban eden at Eighty Seven Park. In a series of private spaces, residents will savor terraces, gardens, lounges and pools as well as a pavillion for cultural and social occasions.

    City Park

    In a newly-invigorated city park, the people of Miami can enjoy 35 acres of oceanside walks and cool shade. On long, winding paths fringed by grass-topped dunes and sea grape bushes, joggers take in the fresh sea air and kids squeal with joy; their parents sipping lattes and catching up with friends.

    The Amenities at 87 park


    In the glass-enfolded lobby, the building seems to rise through the trees. Here, the reception and concierge await your call, the Enoteca bar serves botanically-inspired drinks and the library presents a carefully curated selection of books and magazines. With themed photography and specimen planting, the lobby is a showcase for art and nature.

    Fugo Bar

    Shaded beneath crisp white awnings, the Fugo bar runs in a cool long line down towards the ocean. Pull up a stool while the barkeep creates the perfect mix for your mood. With the waves lapping on the beach and the wind swaying the palms, it’s the perfect place to linger, long into the evening.

    Gym & Spa

    The ultimate personal experience, offering wellness for the mind, body and soul.
    The gym includes health coaching, private and group classes, and state-of-the-art equipment. The spa is a center for relaxation, providing residents the chance to indulge in the sauna or steam rooms or book a private treatment.

    The Pool

    Beyond the lobby, the blues of both swimming pool and ocean dazzle the eye, presenting an enviable choice of how to spend the day.
    Along the pool edge and the shoreline beyond, a series of cabanas call you; the valet always ready with a drink or a chilled towel.

    David’s Conclusion

    A truly luxury beach Condo. Boutique features and fine finishes already make this project one of the best available but what we noticed sets it apart from almost all other beach Condos is the unparalleled unobstructed views views to the South as well as to the East and West. Many new and newer beach Condos enjoy East and West views (assuming decent elevation) but a large majority of  them are let down by being flanked to the North and South with low quality, old and ugly buildings which can totally ruin your view, space and sense of harmony.

    Want to know more?

    Contact David Siddons Group for more details: Ph: (305) 699-5568 [email protected]