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    David Siddons Interview on Coconut Grove and Park Grove

    david siddons Group - Oct 19th 2016

    David Siddons, a top producing Coconut Grove Realtor, was interviewed by an journalist about Coconut Grove and more specifically the Park Grove condo project.

    The interview focuses on several aspects of life in the Grove and then continues to discuss the Park Grove project.

    Questions include:

    • Who is David Siddons and what does he like about real estate?
    • What is life like in Coconut Grove and who lives in Coconut Grove?
    • Why is living in the Grove so wonderful?
    • What do buyers in the Grove look for when it comes to design or other aspects of architecture?
    • Why are buyers interested in Park Grove?

    Park Grove is a brand new luxury condo project consisting of 3 towers in a 5.2 acre waterfront park. The project provides the best of amenities and finishes and is truly a superb condo. Not only is Park Grove desired for the great residences in a wonderful and tranquil setting, is is located in one of Miami’s most desired neighborhoods. David Siddons speaks about this and more in the above video.

    I am a top producing Miami real estate agent who has lived and worked for the last 8 years in Coconut Grove. I love talking about Coconut Grove and Coconut Grove real estate and I analyze this market on a daily basis. For any additional questions regarding Coconut Grove or Coconut Grove real estate please contact me at +1.305.508.0899

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